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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Jack Brighton Visits/We Discuss Numbering

Northeast Historic Film had the pleasure of a two-day working session with Jack Brighton, Director of New Media & Innovation at Illinois Public Media on April 22-23. Brighton is a PBCore adept and one of the smartest and kindest people we know.

His visit focused on preparation to implement the PBCore data structure to describe our original analog works, while ensuring that all subsequent copies of these works (preservation copies and digitized surrogates for access) remain connected to the original intellectual content.
We're using the PBCore element "formatIdentifier."

Using PBCore for analog works is unusual, but necessary to carry us over the threshold from our heritage materials into the digital future. Collections Manager Gemma Perretta and Brighton worked up a numbering protocol. We'll spare the details here, but are happy to share if you ask. Here's a bit:
1050.0001_F16 = 16mm film instantiation of Acc. 1050.0001
2310.0003_F8 = 8mm film instantiation of Acc. 2310.0003
2310.0003_BSP = BetaSP instantiation of Acc. 2310.0003
2310.0003_DVD = DVD instantiation of Acc.2310.0003

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